Security is an important issue for organizations as well as individuals. I would advise all organizations to attain and maintain a sound security posture. The work that Sanjay Tandon is doing to help organizations become and stay secure is great for the ecosystem."

–  JC Cannon,  Senior Privacy Strategist,  Trustworthy Computing Group,  Microsoft Corporation

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The World Engages In Business Upon an Untrustworthy Foundation

Today, the world engages in business upon a highly vulnerable information security foundation.

The principle of adequate protection, one of security's most basic principles, states that "an asset must be protected to a degree consistent with its value." As the foundation of identity and access management, an organization's security infrastructure is arguably one of the most valuable business assets as it protects the entirety of its information assets.

While organizations around the world continue to make large investments in a host of information security protection controls aimed at the sporadic protection of their information assets, they appear completely oblivious to the perils of the high unmitigated risk posed by gross inadequacies in the protection of the very foundation of their information security, their security infrastructure.

Little do they realize that in the absence of a trustworthy foundation, they continue to engage in business on a weak, unprotected and highly vulnerable foundation. This should be a grave cause of concern not only for them but for all their stakeholders including their shareholders, employees, customers, partners and the citizens of the free world.

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