Security is an important issue for organizations as well as individuals. I would advise all organizations to attain and maintain a sound security posture. The work that Sanjay Tandon is doing to help organizations become and stay secure is great for the ecosystem."

–  JC Cannon,  Senior Privacy Strategist,  Trustworthy Computing Group,  Microsoft Corporation

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Founder & CEO, Paramount Defenses Inc

At Paramount Defenses, we are leading a global effort aimed at helping organizations across the world significantly and measurably enhance their security posture by empowering them to adequately secure and defend the very foundation of their information security, their security infrastructures.

The company is engaged in the development of strategic and tactical infosec defenses that address paramount and pervasive global IT security needs.

From a tactical perspective, it has developed and delivered the world's first IT security access assessment solution that empowers organizations to reliably assess provisioned access entitlements on IT assets and thus adequately secure their IT assets against the risk unauthorized access.

Strategically, it is developing the world's first integrated and dedicated information security infrastructure protection solution so business and government organizations around the world can engage in business upon a trustworthy foundation of information security.

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